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52. January 6, 1985; Bears-49ers - NFC Championship: general, I've always favored Chicago in white pants better, even with white jerseys. January 15, 1995; Cowboys-49ers - NFC Championship: each groups contributed to this unhealthy uni matchup. 62. January 15, 1995; Chargers-Steelers - AFC Championship: I just wasn't "wowed" by the uniforms in this sport. January 12, 1992; Lions-Redskins - NFC Championship: and again. 59. January 14, 2001; Vikings-Giants - NFC Championship: their had been completely different palettes, but I just discover it a little bit underwhelming. 54. January 4, 1976; Raiders-Steelers - AFC Championship: the one of many three penultimate games of the season between these two played at Three Rivers - on a sheet of ice. 51. January 7, 1979; Oilers-Steelers - AFC Championship: the unis had been the identical as they had been one 12 months later, however the wet stuff diminished their shine. Two days later, fellow linebacker Kyle Van Noy adopted up with a request: He wants the Patriots' "Boogeymen" on a T-shirt, and there is a solid prize at stake for whoever designs the most effective threads.This article was done by GSA Content Generator Demoversion!Boston Sports Journal’s Miguel Benzan wrote Thursday the Patriots likely would have to increase safety Devin McCourty and linebacker Kyle Van Noy and restructure Dont’a Hightower’s deal just to search out the cap room to add Diggs. Because of this, the Giants and Panthers at present have the most effective chance to achieve Super Bowl forty three out of the NFC, while the Titans and Steelers are looking good in the AFC. Well, lets discover out. I’m not fully discouraged by a loss against a group has good because the 49ers, but getting blown out the best way they did definitely isn’t a fantastic look. I’m a voice-over man, and i additionally do manufacturing work, but my actual job title is “Music Director”. This fashion of Vikings uniform, purple jersey and white pants was worn from their inception in 1961 by means of the 2005 season. But I just am not a fan of the silver numbers Oakland wore with white jerseys that 12 months.49. January 14, 2001; Ravens-Raiders - AFC Championship: Baltimore with the purple numbers and black helmets, and the purple stripe down their white pants, offered an honest enough distinction with the silver and black. 40. January 3, 1971; Cowboys-49ers - NFC Championship: the final sport ever at old Kezar Stadium was an excellent uni distinction. January 11, 1987; Redskins-Giants - NFC Championship: my "SC" rule applies to Washington's unis in highway games too. January 11, 1987; Broncos-Browns - AFC Championship: Cleveland was all WAH 1985-1988. That has been an on and off again tradition for the Brownies. January 11, 1981; Raiders-Chargers - AFC Championship: the Air Coryell era Chargers went WAH every sport from 1978-1983. Thus not enough of them in their blue. January 3, 1971; Raiders-Colts - AFC Championship: it's a shame that the very first one of these is not ranked. 65. January 8, 1984; Seahawks-Raiders - AFC Championship: Seattle's first season with their logo on the sleeves instead of the stripes. January 23, 1994; Chiefs-Bills - AFC Championship: KC in all white was no good in my opinion. January 17, 1993; Bills-Dolphins - AFC Championship: final one in all Miami involved in this. 43. January 10, 1982; Chargers-Bengals - AFC Championship: the Freezer Bowl pitted against one another two groups with distinct coloration palettes. 58. December 31, 1972; Dolphins-Steelers - AFC Championship: the aqua numerals on Miami's white jerseys look a lot shinier on depictions of them on this site than they do on NFL Films clips. While the NFL is full of groups that need little speculation - groups which are routinely playoff sure or groups which are a shoe in for an excellent draft decide - Miami is not one in all them. Just that seeing them on the Texas Stadium turf every year acquired a little bit stale. The Reliant Stadium is where the group's dwelling-based mostly games are held. The 2 groups unis contrasted effectively not just in a vacuum, but on the Texas Stadium turf that day, where each finish zones had been painted, one with Dallas' colours; the other with San Francisco's colours. 48. January 14, 1996; Packers-Cowboys - NFC Championship: the colours contrasted effectively like always.January 18, 2009; Eagles-Cardinals - NFC Championship: Philly in inexperienced pants - its just fallacious. 64. January 18, 2004; Colts-Patriots - AFC Championship: Indy's final sport ever with the blue face mask. January 21, 2007; Saints-Bears - NFC Championship: the nice part of Sean Payton is he helped make them competitive most of the time. 60. January 21, 2007; Patriots-Colts - AFC Championship: good factor each groups' blue is of a distinct shade, and that NE had silver and hints of red. January 20, 2013; Ravens-Patriots - AFC Championship: once again. January 12, 1986; Patriots-Dolphins - AFC Championship: and again. 56. January 1, 1978; Vikings-Cowboys - NFC Championship: each of them in their regular stuff, and it is the Cowboys involved, so WAH is acceptable. Both groups wore their regular stuff, and it looked respectable. It's rating each of the AFC and NFC championship games by the uniforms each participant wore.

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